Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Learning to Crochet

I am loving crochet at the moment. I started about two months ago so I am total beginner. I learned how to knit basic stitches as a child and have made a scarf before but never really put myself into it. However I have always wanted to learn how to crochet and after swooning over pinterest and other bloggers fab work I decided to take the plunge.

To start I picked up The Art of Crochet at my local magazine store.
It came with a ball of yarn and a size 4 crochet hook, I was away!

I looked up you tube videos to learn the basics and also purchased Sue whitings Learn to Crochet book.Link

From here I practiced until I was comfortable with the basic stitches and until I got my tension right.
I made some basic flowers and some headbands for my niece.

It was time to take on a project! I started with this hat for my daughter the pattern is from The Art of Crochet. I love how it turned out, the seam is not perfect but ok for my first time!

Next I tried a snood again not perfect but I'm happy with it and it is made from the nicest yarn. So warm and snugly love it!

I have some other works in progress, a snood for Ava and Me and a blanket for Ethan. I'm also working on some Christmas gifts but that's top secret!!


Blanket for Ethan.

Snood for Ava.

These pics are obviously from Instagram! I'm still trying to figure out how to add a link. My Instagram user name is lolajh come say hi!

Love L x
With Christmas almost upon us (seriously where does the time go??) I figured it was time to go through the kids toys and pair down. I spent my entire saturday going through all of the toys in my house. I got rid of all the broken toys, donated all of the outgrown toys and organised all of the remaining I even have empty toy boxes! Score. Here are the after shots of the kiddos rooms. I never took befores it would have been way to scary! Nightmare before Christmas anyone??
Feel free to leave a comment I would love to hear your feed back!

Baby boys room 


Baby Girls Room

Ahh I can now breathe  . . . . . and move on to the rest of the clutter around the house!!

Love L. x