Monday, 13 August 2012

Whats for dinner ??? - Pasta in a creamy garlic sauce

This recipe is really easy and quick to prepare with just a few ingredients.
It can be put together in no time so I like to make this when I've had a busy day like today!
I don't have specific measurements for this recipe as I came up with it myself I generally adjust to the number of people I'm serving.


  • Pasta ( for as many people you are cooking for)
  • Chicken breast fillets -I used two today
  • broccoli approx 1 cup
  • half a courgette sliced
  • 1 x white onion finely diced
  • 2 x cloves of garlic finely chopped or minced
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 5 - 6 mushrooms 
  • 3 - 4 tbsp creme fraiche
  • Salt and pepper ( today I didn't use salt and pepper as I was making this baby friendly )


  • Bring water with some olive oil and salt ( if using ) to the boil and add pasta
  • also put the chicken breast in a pot of water and bring to he boil reduce heat and simmer
  • Saute the onion for 2 mins and add garlic saute for 3-5 mins until onion becomes translucent.
  • add the courgette and the mushrooms and saute for 3 - 5 mins
  • chopped the chicken and add to the pan
  • add the broccoli to the pasta water and simmer for 5 mins
  • add the creme fraiche and simmer for 3 mins
  • drain the pasta and broccoli and add to the pan, mix until the pasta is coated.

Serve with some fresh cracked pepper, some grated parmesan and salad. 
For my 9 month old I chop this up very finely and I tell you he devours it!

Enjoy!! :)

p.s my camera battery died when I was cooking so had to use
my phone so sorry for the bad quality pics!

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