Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Recent Empties

I'm a bad blogger! I cant believe how long it has been since Ive blooged. I back now and ready to get my mojo back. I have a few blog posts lined up and cant wait to get back into the swing of things.

On to the empties!

Olay essentials double action nourishing & protecting day cream, normal/dry

When I went to the store to buy this I actually went of another olay cream I used before however it was out of stock and this one was on sale so I decided to give this one a try. This cream is pink in colour which doesn't appeal to me and smells quiet florally which I don't normally go for. My skin is very dry at the moment so this wasn't as moisturising as I would have liked my skin soaked it up as soon as i put it on however it did moisturise and was nice under foundation. I would repurchase this again if my skin becomes less dry during the summer.  This docent contain an spf so I would apply one first.

Olay essentials smoothing face scrub normal/dry

This scrub is creamy which soothes dry skin and contains micro beads to gently exfoliate. It is suitable for every day use I used this in the morning and my skin felt clean and it left a smooth canvas to apply makeup. I wouldn't use this at night as I like a deeper clean after the days build up of dirt and make-up. This a good product for the price point and I would repurchase but would try a few different products before I came back to it.

Bastite dry shampoo in tropical

This is actually the first time Ive tried out Bastite dry shampoo which is odd considering its kinda the original dry shampoo. The smell of this stuff is sooo good it reminds me of holidays and summer which is always a plus. Buuut this does not give my hair the same fresh feeling that other dry shampoos at the same price point do.I wont be repurchasing.

V05 heat protect serum 

Loving this stuff ! This is a serum you apply to wet hair before drying it leaves my hair super soft and super shiny. I don't like this on dry hair if you add too much it leaves hair greasy looking and lank, not a good look!
I also use this on my daughters hair and its great. Definitely will be buying this again!

Schwarzkopf got 2 b powederful volumizing styling powder

This defiantly gives my flat hair some lift its great at night but I don't like it during the day as my hair feels like a helmet with it in!! Its great if you curl you hair and add this at the roots for some lift. I will buy this again for sure!

Roberto Cavalli perfume 

My Mam gave this to me as a present for Christmas and I absolutely love it! This is the quickest I have ever used up a bottle of perfume I usually get at least a year out of perfume as I generally have a few on the go but this was my go to every single day. It is a sexy scent that can be worn day or night. It feels grown up to me. I find it hard to explain the smell of perfume but If I could explain this I would say its not like Marc Jacobs Daisy (do not like these sort of scents). Its kinda musky, vanillay kinda smell ha! Perfect love it!

Dr organic vitamin e skin lotion

I purchase this from Holland and Barrett when they where having their 1 cent sale. This stuff is great it gets rid of any dry patches and is great to apply after exfoliation and before fake tan. My sister hates the smell of this its grown on me and makes me feel really clean and fresh when I apply it. It has a very "organic" smell if you know what I mean!!

Jergans Natural ultra hydrating intensive hand cream for extra dry hands

Ok if you haven't picked up on it yet I'm DRY!! This winter has been harsh on my skin. I used to have oily skin on my face and normal skin on my body until now. Its more than likely due to having kids and ageing poo, that gathered with zero moisture in the air at the moment I resemble the Sahara, hot but dry ( I kid couldn't resist!) Anyhoo love this cream instantly soothes dry skin, absorbs well and leaves my hands soft and comfortable.

Really hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading!!


  1. Love this post, so agree with u on the dry shampoo it makes my hair worse! Can't wait to see more posts:) xx

  2. Yeah it does but love the smell its a shame :( x x